Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planning...I Get It...

I really do. It works for most people, quite well. It works for me, for short term goals. I prepare, I make lists, I do research. I'm learning to get monkeys off my back, before they far as the "five year plan"...forget it!!!!!! It's not for me! At least, not in the way that others have tried to shove it down my throat throughout my life!

Do I sound miffed? Well, a little, I suppose. It does get tedious...but then...I ask myself...why am I creating this? I totally believe I create my reality and the fact is, that intuition (inner knowing, voice of my Spirit Guide, God, the Universe), in the moment, has never steered me wrong. Ever.

This doesn't mean that nothing painful ever happens to me. It only means that I value whatever lesson comes along. My perspective is that nothing will ever happen that isn't for my greater good. Will that always feel good? Not in my reality...but will it always be good for my growth and learning? Oh yes.

So I accept responsibility for the nay-sayers and critics in my life. They are my sacred I navigate between the illusion of this world and the reality of Oneness.

Deep, cleansing breath....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well...I've been updating things, lately. Looking back on these blogs, I can see they might be worth keeping, so I'll be back, soon to refurbish this one. In the mean time, I have built a brand new one HERE. I'll be updating that with art and music stuff and it will be a continuation of my Fairywebmother's Laboratory blog. I think I will continue to "think stuff" in here. :)

Update: OK, so I spruced it up, a bit...just the colors, background and font...but now my flower picture sticks off. Guess I'll fix that, later. :)

Nudder update!: I've decided to continue Fairywebmother's Laboratory. I was worried about trying to update it in this designer, because I thought I might lose something. No worries there, I see, so I'll be updating it with all the new work. I figure the new one will be for my adventures in NYC. It's Wonderland, to me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ohio Valley UUs Community Blog: The Prodigal Blogger Returns

I wrote this a while ago, for the OVUUC blog, but felt the need to share it with a wider audience, so I'm adding a link, here.

Ohio Valley UUs Community Blog: The Prodigal Blogger Returns

I'll have more to talk about, soon, but life is very wacky, right now. This is the short explanation. Just add that I moved from Wheeling, WV to Jersey City, NJ and the culture shock (not to mention the "moving" shock) this is, and you'll have more of the story!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

High Cholesterol

OK, so I have a new computer...a notebook. It's great to be able to update blogs, again.

I've been dealing with some health issues, lately. Most of my tests look good, so far, but I found out that I have high cholesterol...which is not too surprising, as my Mom was troubled with it. I did a lot to change my diet, over the years, but it looks like I'll have to get more focused. I know exercise is SOOoo important...and here I sit on this computer. Guess it's skim milk, from now on (I had already gone to 2%). I really don't eat a lot of chips or fries, so this shouldn't be too hard. I'll get the diet from my doctor in the mail, soon. I'm good at making small life changes, but the word "diet" just makes me want to eat all the unhealthy stuff I can get my hands on. I like taking walks and will do more of that, as the weather improves.

Well...just wanted to update this little blog. It's been so long. I'd love to hear from others who are dealing with high cholesterol. I sure love to eat, so any suggestions for guilt-free recipes will be appreciated.



Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

I have copied the following from the OVUUC Community Blog, where I am also an author. Since these are my words and my thoughts, I figure it's OK, but if you have already been there you have already seen this. :)

Ahhh...another quiet holiday (knocking on wood).

I'm thinking, a lot, about my New Years Resolutions. Like everyone else, I always make them. With hand on heart and the best of intentions, I vow to create better relationships. I vow to get healthier. I vow to get organized.

On New Years Eve, 1999 I came up with the following "Millennium" resolutions:

1. To love more courageously.
2. To twirl, at least once a day!
3. To make more chowder.
4. To write more poetry.
5. To honor my own feelings.
6. To be verwy, verwy quiet... more often.
7. To write the great American....children's book!
8. To dream bigger, run faster, jump higher!
9. To expand the "Gwidy Universe" and have more tea parties! (clue, if you want one) :)
10. To practice savoring.
11. To sing myself to sleep, now and then.
12. To enjoy being here ... and to keep adding to this list!

Added in 2006: ( Yes, I said 2006. OK, so "procrastinate less" was NEVER on the list)

1. To Belly dance, regularly.
2. To communicate with my far away friends…more regularly.
3. To confront and conquer, at least, one fear.
4. To write more songs.
5. To create magical happenings, as often as possible.
6. To welcome the changes in my life with gratitude toward the Universe.

Looking back on this list, I realize that I've done well...with some of my resolutions...and totally forgotten others! (My poor Gwidies have been neglected for years!!!)

This year, I have decided to simplify. I have only one resolution. My vow for 2008 is...

...drum roll, please... LOVE more and complain less.

I'm thinking that should cover everything. If I love my body more and complain about it less, I will be healthier. If I love my family more and complain about them less, my relationships will improve. If I love my home and studio more and complain about them less, I will be more organized.

Love more...complain less. Works for me.

Happy New Year, everyone!


©2007 Bettina Makley

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blast From the Past...

Here's a little something I wrote, quite some time ago, but my thoughts on this subject have re-surfaced, recently, so I've decided to post it here. :)

"Easily Amused"

You're easily amused." I have been told this many times and it's true. Give me a few minutes alone with some kitchen utensils and a can of Play-Doh and I'm happy as a clam! I have heard this expression used as though it were something negative, as though, if you are easily amused, then there must be something less intelligent about you. I have been giving this some serious thought, lately, and I have decided that one of THE GREATEST BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE ...IS THAT I, AM "EASILY AMUSED."

Being "easily amused" is a great stress reliever. The more easily amused you are, the more likely you are to shed stress, just like a freshly waxed car sheds water. (Ever enjoyed watching the water "bead up" on a freshly waxed car? Yep, you're easily amused!)

If you are easily amused, it is much easier for you to wait your turn than it is for "Intelligent" people. While they fidget in lines, drumming their fingers on their elbows and checking their watches, the "easily amused", joyfully play games in their heads like "Connect the Floor Cracks" or "Guess My Occupation!"

Of course it would make sense that the "easily amused" can spend less money on amusement. We enjoy simple pleasures. A walk on the beach with a corn dog is just as enjoyable, as dinner at a fancy restaurant. A bike ride through the park is as exciting as a ride at Disney World.

Being easily amused is a GOOD Thing!

So, the next time someone catches you sticking a banana sticker on your forehead and snidely says: "Hmph! You're easily amused", just say: "Thanks! I do have an abundant life, don't I? Pass the Play-Doh, please!"

© 2000 Bettina Makley

Monday, October 1, 2007

I am a Unitarian Universalist.

It's official! I've signed the book! I'm in! I'm a member!

I've been attending the UU church, fairly regularly, for the past two years. I started attending services, shortly after I moved to Wheeling, with my good friend, Orland. I enjoyed the fellowship and the music and wasn't really doing anything else, on Sunday mornings.

I was raised Catholic. Over the years, as I explored my heart more deeply, I followed it into a lot of different beliefs, from the "Born again" Christian beliefs, to the more Eastern views. I have studied astrology, some, Quantum Physics, some and Native American animal medicine, the latter being, particularly, close to my heart. I have prayed, meditated, practiced reiki, chanted, danced and sang my way into my own Soul, in an attempt to make that all important, inner connection to God.

This kind of an open minded search was necessary, to a kinesthetic learner like me. I learn by doing. As time passed, I decided that organized religion was just not for me. There was always some doctrine or rule that interfered with my own personal search. This is just my opinion, but I think most organized religions are more about controlling the masses, rather than empowering the individual. People who don't understand their own power to make change, often end up giving that power away to abusers, or playing the "blame game", convinced that they could surely be happy, if only everyone around them would change their behavior (be like them).

My own beliefs are varied. I believe there are two choices...Love or fear. I believe that the Kingdom of God (Whatever that is) is inside me, not out there, somewhere far away and separate. I believe that I create my own reality, through that connection, which is eternal and unlimited in power. I believe my emotions and feelings are my choice. I believe that whatever you put love into gets better. I'm open to the beliefs of others. There's more, but that's a start.

When I was young and still living with my parents, I can remember mentioning to my Mom that I was going to play music at a coffee house in a UU church. She got a curious look on her face, as though she was trying hard not to be judgemental. She was a kind, Christian woman. Then she said "The Unitarians are a little strange. I mean, they're nice people, but they're not Christian you know". I respected my Mother's opinion and this one statement had more of an effect on me than I realized, for many years. I was not consciously judging anyone, but unconsciously, I guess, I "back-shelved" any idea of learning more about that church.

I was insecure. That is a story for other blogs, but as an insecure person, I tended to lean toward gatherings where I received a lot of emotional support for doing the "right" thing. In many churches, if you follow the rules, you get all the support you want...if not...out you go!

I think the need for others to think and believe what we do, is fear-based. Rules and regulations keep everyone safe, right? Actually, my opinion is that we are ALWAYS safe...or we are never safe. It's a glass half full/half empty kind of a thing. I lean towards "always", most of the time.

At any rate, I'm not writing this blog to bash other faiths...on the contrary. I respect the beliefs of others and I'm always interested in learning new things. The point that I'm trying to get to, here, is why I have finally decided that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation is an organization that I can feel comfortable belonging to. Here's why:

1. Unitarians believe that every individual has, not only the right, but a responsibility to follow their own Spiritual path.
2. The congregation is all inclusive. You can believe anything or in anyone you need to; Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, astrology, atheism, paganism, whatever, and as long as you express those beliefs in a non-threatening way, you are welcomed.
3. There is plenty of love, but no judgement. No condemnation. It's all about loving support, as long as you are not hurting anyone.
4. There is wonderful music and artistic expression is encouraged.

In fact, our little church has all the things I loved about church, as a child. Singing and fellowship. Symbolism and ritual. Someone will help us explore a lesson, only afterwards, instead of ending the service, there is a discussion, right there, with the whole group. We are encouraged to voice our thoughts, whether or not we agree. Artistic expression is encouraged and the artwork on the walls changes with the lessons. There are two, beautiful banners hanging on the wall that were added, recently. They have symbols from many different religions on them. Ah, yes...and there's coffee and refreshments, afterwards. Yum.

It's all about exploring your own truth in a safe, supportive environment. That's organization I can get behind.

So...I am no longer a Bohemian Catholic.

I am a Unitarian Universalist.