Monday, November 19, 2007

Blast From the Past...

Here's a little something I wrote, quite some time ago, but my thoughts on this subject have re-surfaced, recently, so I've decided to post it here. :)

"Easily Amused"

You're easily amused." I have been told this many times and it's true. Give me a few minutes alone with some kitchen utensils and a can of Play-Doh and I'm happy as a clam! I have heard this expression used as though it were something negative, as though, if you are easily amused, then there must be something less intelligent about you. I have been giving this some serious thought, lately, and I have decided that one of THE GREATEST BLESSINGS IN MY LIFE ...IS THAT I, AM "EASILY AMUSED."

Being "easily amused" is a great stress reliever. The more easily amused you are, the more likely you are to shed stress, just like a freshly waxed car sheds water. (Ever enjoyed watching the water "bead up" on a freshly waxed car? Yep, you're easily amused!)

If you are easily amused, it is much easier for you to wait your turn than it is for "Intelligent" people. While they fidget in lines, drumming their fingers on their elbows and checking their watches, the "easily amused", joyfully play games in their heads like "Connect the Floor Cracks" or "Guess My Occupation!"

Of course it would make sense that the "easily amused" can spend less money on amusement. We enjoy simple pleasures. A walk on the beach with a corn dog is just as enjoyable, as dinner at a fancy restaurant. A bike ride through the park is as exciting as a ride at Disney World.

Being easily amused is a GOOD Thing!

So, the next time someone catches you sticking a banana sticker on your forehead and snidely says: "Hmph! You're easily amused", just say: "Thanks! I do have an abundant life, don't I? Pass the Play-Doh, please!"

© 2000 Bettina Makley


May Terry said...

Hi Bettina,

Yep, I'm one too.

It isn't just amusement...if I'm stuck in traffic, for example, I'll study the plants growing by the side of the road and see how many I can identify. Or if I'm waiting in a medical office, I often study people.

I agree, "easily amused" is a wonderful thing to be!


Leola said...

What a wonderful way to put it Bettina. I am definitely one of those "easily amused" people, and now I will have a wonderful comeback! Thanks for sharing :)Southshoreartist

mousewords said...

Pass the PlayDoh!

While I'm waiting for novocain to sink in, my dentist always asks me, "Would you like the TV on?" And I always say "no, thank you"...I'm much too busy thinking my own thoughts. :):)