Friday, August 31, 2007

Today is Beautiful.

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day, in Wheeling, WV. There is a sweet breeze coming in my window and the sun is shining.

I needed a day like this. I practice gratitude, even during unpleasant circumstances, but days like this make it easy to be grateful.

My neighbor just started up the stereo in his garage. You never know what kind of music it will be, as his taste is as eclectic as mine. Today, it's light country...old time with a bit of a swing beat to it. Nice, but then he never seems to play anything that makes me want to close my windows.

Today is a great day to heal. I have a lot of healing to do...mostly, from emotional wounds, but there's some physical stuff to pay attention to, as well. Today is a great day to breath, deeply, meditate, belly dance and visualize. A great day to get "centered".

So that's the plan.

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Blog.

Sometimes...I think stuff. Sometimes I think stuff that is not art related...or music related. Sometimes I think about Spirituality and the Meaning of Life.

I'm setting up this blog to express what I think...and add links to friends who express what they think. I am NOT responsible for what my friends think and so the fact that I link to them is not an endorsement of their beliefs and ideas...only an example of unconditional love and friendship.

Hey...that wasn't too bad. I think I'll post it at the top of my blog. I'll be back, soon, with some thoughts.