Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well...I've been updating things, lately. Looking back on these blogs, I can see they might be worth keeping, so I'll be back, soon to refurbish this one. In the mean time, I have built a brand new one HERE. I'll be updating that with art and music stuff and it will be a continuation of my Fairywebmother's Laboratory blog. I think I will continue to "think stuff" in here. :)

Update: OK, so I spruced it up, a bit...just the colors, background and font...but now my flower picture sticks off. Guess I'll fix that, later. :)

Nudder update!: I've decided to continue Fairywebmother's Laboratory. I was worried about trying to update it in this designer, because I thought I might lose something. No worries there, I see, so I'll be updating it with all the new work. I figure the new one will be for my adventures in NYC. It's Wonderland, to me.