Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planning...I Get It...

I really do. It works for most people, quite well. It works for me, for short term goals. I prepare, I make lists, I do research. I'm learning to get monkeys off my back, before they far as the "five year plan"...forget it!!!!!! It's not for me! At least, not in the way that others have tried to shove it down my throat throughout my life!

Do I sound miffed? Well, a little, I suppose. It does get tedious...but then...I ask myself...why am I creating this? I totally believe I create my reality and the fact is, that intuition (inner knowing, voice of my Spirit Guide, God, the Universe), in the moment, has never steered me wrong. Ever.

This doesn't mean that nothing painful ever happens to me. It only means that I value whatever lesson comes along. My perspective is that nothing will ever happen that isn't for my greater good. Will that always feel good? Not in my reality...but will it always be good for my growth and learning? Oh yes.

So I accept responsibility for the nay-sayers and critics in my life. They are my sacred I navigate between the illusion of this world and the reality of Oneness.

Deep, cleansing breath....

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well...I've been updating things, lately. Looking back on these blogs, I can see they might be worth keeping, so I'll be back, soon to refurbish this one. In the mean time, I have built a brand new one HERE. I'll be updating that with art and music stuff and it will be a continuation of my Fairywebmother's Laboratory blog. I think I will continue to "think stuff" in here. :)

Update: OK, so I spruced it up, a bit...just the colors, background and font...but now my flower picture sticks off. Guess I'll fix that, later. :)

Nudder update!: I've decided to continue Fairywebmother's Laboratory. I was worried about trying to update it in this designer, because I thought I might lose something. No worries there, I see, so I'll be updating it with all the new work. I figure the new one will be for my adventures in NYC. It's Wonderland, to me.