Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

I have copied the following from the OVUUC Community Blog, where I am also an author. Since these are my words and my thoughts, I figure it's OK, but if you have already been there you have already seen this. :)

Ahhh...another quiet holiday (knocking on wood).

I'm thinking, a lot, about my New Years Resolutions. Like everyone else, I always make them. With hand on heart and the best of intentions, I vow to create better relationships. I vow to get healthier. I vow to get organized.

On New Years Eve, 1999 I came up with the following "Millennium" resolutions:

1. To love more courageously.
2. To twirl, at least once a day!
3. To make more chowder.
4. To write more poetry.
5. To honor my own feelings.
6. To be verwy, verwy quiet... more often.
7. To write the great American....children's book!
8. To dream bigger, run faster, jump higher!
9. To expand the "Gwidy Universe" and have more tea parties! (clue, if you want one) :)
10. To practice savoring.
11. To sing myself to sleep, now and then.
12. To enjoy being here ... and to keep adding to this list!

Added in 2006: ( Yes, I said 2006. OK, so "procrastinate less" was NEVER on the list)

1. To Belly dance, regularly.
2. To communicate with my far away friends…more regularly.
3. To confront and conquer, at least, one fear.
4. To write more songs.
5. To create magical happenings, as often as possible.
6. To welcome the changes in my life with gratitude toward the Universe.

Looking back on this list, I realize that I've done well...with some of my resolutions...and totally forgotten others! (My poor Gwidies have been neglected for years!!!)

This year, I have decided to simplify. I have only one resolution. My vow for 2008 is...

...drum roll, please... LOVE more and complain less.

I'm thinking that should cover everything. If I love my body more and complain about it less, I will be healthier. If I love my family more and complain about them less, my relationships will improve. If I love my home and studio more and complain about them less, I will be more organized.

Love more...complain less. Works for me.

Happy New Year, everyone!


©2007 Bettina Makley